CHEF SKILLS HK identifies and rates the best French pastry books, based on chef’s mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment.

Below, you will find the final selection of the 10 best “de la crème de la crème”:

  1. Pierre Hermé Pastries – October 9, 2012 by Pierre Hermé. Click here for a copy.
    ierre Herme pastries cookbook. Master pastry chef Pierre Herme shares his classical French pastry and other definitive desserts from around the world.

This French pastry cookbook can be compared to Escoffier, a classic French cookbook that helped to codify French cuisine and technique. And if there’s only one cookbook you’re going to read to learn about French pastries, make it one by Pierre Hermé.

  1. Patisserie: Mastering the Fundamentals of French Pastry – February 26, 2013 by Christophe Felder. Click here for a copy.
    All the classic French pastries made accessible for the home cook, with 3,200 photographs. For every serious home baker, French pastry represents the ultimate achievement.

This is a massive 800 pages anointed with 3,200 step-by-step photos leading you to the creation of 200 dessert treasures. And there are recipes here that you won’t find in a typical pastry book. The book talks about mastering the fundamentals, the recipes naturally include the basic staples, although this book does give you a richer abundance of doughs and crèmes than any other of the pastry books.

  1. Pierre Hermé Macarons: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Pâtissier – October 6, 2015 by Pierre Hermé. Click here for a copy.

Pierre Hermé Macaron is the definitive guide to macarons. A complete repertoire in terms of bases, variety, and possibilities signed by the master of masters of this emblematic French dough. Unique and easy-to- make recipes thanks to basic techniques and the tips that the teacher details step-by-step and in images.

  1. The Elements of Dessert – November 5, 2012 by Francisco J. Migoya (Author), The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) (Author). Click here for a copy.
    Renowned pastry chef Francisco Migoya, professor at The Culinary Institute of America, takes you on a guided tour through the innovative flavors, ingredients, and techniques in the thrilling world of desserts.

In this gorgeous and comprehensive cookbook, Chef Migoya begins with the essential elements of contemporary desserts—like mousses, doughs, and ganaches—showing pastry chefs and students how to master those building blocks before molding and incorporating them into creative finished desserts. The Elements of Dessert is a must-have resource for professionals, students, and serious home cooks.

  1. Modern French Pastry: Innovative Techniques, Tools and Design – October 24, 2017 by Cheryl Wakerhauser (Author). Click here for a copy.

Now, with Cheryl’s professional guidance, you can finally nail the challenging techniques that are the foundations of beautiful French pastry. Every dessert is broken down into easy-to-follow sub-recipes that can be done in advance for convenience, and even interchanged with other recipes to create your own signature dessert.

  1. Grand Livre De Cuisine: Desserts: Alain Ducasse's Desserts and Pastries – October 1, 2009 by Alain Ducasse (Author). Click here for a copy.

This book is so over-the-top, the Alain Ducasse book is the most dependable. It’s not cheap book, but it’s a great investment for someone studying pastry in culinary school, who thinks baking is going to go from a hobby to a real.

  1. Fruit: The Art of Pastry – March 19, 2019 by Cédric Grolet (Author). Click here for a copy.

This lush cookbook presents Grolet’s fruit-based haute-couture pastries like works of art. The chef explains his techniques and his search for authentic tastes and offers a peek into his boundless imagination—he begins the creation of each dessert by drawing. With 130 recipes featuring 45 fruits.

  1. RADIX – January 1, 2019 by Paco Torreblanca (Author). Click here for a copy.

Placo Torreblanca is of one of the greatest pastry chefs of all time. A timeless, eternal work, which is beyond trends and social networks. The book shows a clear attempt to simplify many of the recipes and processes. For example, from a base crème pâtissière, more than a dozen flavored creams are made, which can in turn be used as a filling for a wide range of petit choux. Why complicate life with complex recipes if they can be simplified and thereby make the workshops and especially the pastry shop or bakery more productive?

  1. Advanced bread and pastry by Michel Suas (Author). Click here for a copy.

Advanced Bread and Pastry is a comprehensive guide to bread, viennoiserie, and pastry that is designed for students and professionals. It is written to help today's baker respond to the recent evolution of ingredients, products, and presentation.

  1. Techniques and Ingredients for Modern Pastry by Jordi Puigvert (Author). Click here for a copy.

Discover what concepts, techniques and knacks can allow you to evolve your pastry recipes towards a more simplified work. Jordi Puigvert shows in his book Evolution the results of more than 8 years of investigation with ingredients, applications and a lot of recipes. Released by Grupo Vilbo.

If you have other books to add, please do so in writing. We will be glad to add them in next selection.

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