5 F&B Trends expected in 2020

From goth ice cream to avocado-mania to speakeasy secret entrances, the food and beverage world is no stranger to trends. Food trends are incredibly powerful.

It is therefore crucial for businesses to look ahead and stay ahead of the curve.

2019 is already in full swing, but here are our predictions for the industry trends that will shape 2020.


Dining out is more than just eating. From the moment a reservation is made (be it online or on the phone) to leaving the restaurant, it is a collection of mini experiences that stays with the consumer and impacts whether they return (and therefore, become organic brand ambassadors) or not. As more and more people steer away from collecting things and toward experiences, establishments should look toward providing memorable experiences every step of the process. Serving good food is simply not enough anymore – the dining experience needs to encompass elements like adventure, fun, surprise and entertainment so as to connect with the emotional needs of customers.

Convenience is king


Thanks to the ever-increasing pace of life, the meal delivery service market is expected to grow by 15% through 2020. Delivery driver access, short-term parking and delivery-specific menus are predicted to become commonplace, as are convenient, eat-on-the-go food. This is not a new trend, by any means, but we are expecting to see it elevated to a whole new level in 2020 as time-strapped consumers demand for products that allows them to achieve their health goals while still being intrigued by new ingredients, flavors and formats. 

Even more natural

Speaking of health goals, the trend toward natural and organic food is definitely not slowing down. In fact, its popularity is increasing, and we fully expect 2020 to boom for this market. Across Europe, consumers are rejecting products that contain too many additives and embracing ingredients that are labelled organic. This is evident in the supermarkets where organic products are dominating the aisles, and all-organic food stores are popping up in every corner.


The importance of expressing one’s own identity extends even to the food world. Termed ‘food expression’ by Trend Hunter, consumers are looking toward products or services that allow them to customize their meals, be it a toaster that hot-stamps personal messages or “build-your-own” items in fast-casual restaurants.

More traceability

It isn’t just about the end product anymore. As news about climate change, disappearing rainforests and plastic oceans dominate our social feeds, consumers have started demanding sustainability in both packaging and in foodstuff, quickly making it integral in today’s food business. Whether it’s swapping out Styrofoam for paper, or buying ingredients from sustainable sources, sustainability is going to be huge in 2020 across the entire value chain.

This article is from FHA Insider.

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