Angry Lane

From Hanger Lane to Angry Lane

With the love of motorcycles since an early age, French brothers Ben and G decided in 2012 to build their own custom motorcycles launching Angry Lane. They were looking for a cool name when Ben mentioned the legend of record-racing in the UK, when motorcycles riders were "dropping the coin right into the slot" of a jukebox before heading full speed to Hanger Lane in London and coming back before the record finished. Bloody froggy accent, it made it sounds like Angry Lane.


Thanks to a solid background in designing and manufacturing apparel as well as accessories, from Japanese denim jeans to MotoGP leather suits and jackets, they naturally started to make their own products, by pure selfish need, before offering them to others. They value products that are made to last, with quality fabrics, clean and timeless designs.

Angry Lane is the first lifestyle brand of its kind in this part of the world and one of the hippest workshops, hangouts and retails space around.

We trust you will appreciate their work as much as we do.

Check out Angry Lane's website and give them a follow on Instagram.



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