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David Zuleta aka VIDZUL, Tatoo Artist

"My name is David Zuleta but I like to sign as Vidzul. One of my priorities in my life has always been arts and graphics, inspired by different influences and Medias. I studied graphic design specially focus on novation strategy. My first professional years, I was as a lecturer, fashion entrepreneur and freelancer. I have ended up working on tattooing because I felt the need to do something graphic coming out of myself. Moreover, I am passionate about working with people. At first, it was more like a hobby, but thereafter I began working on more and more tattoo works. This opportunity made me extremely aware of my passion for tattooing. Finally, I decided to dedicate my life to this art.

David Zuleta aka VIDZUL

Originally from Colombia, I moved to Hong Kong from Australia 5 years ago where I was to learn English.

Then, I finally decided to make my dream come true and open my own studio project called inked stories to at last share with my clients and friends my vision of what tattooing should be.

After roughly 10 years in this industry, I enjoy tattooing illustrations pieces, black work and dots, calligraphy and in sometimes bright colour drawings. I use to draw the first sketches in front of my costumers to show them some design ideas and after that, I take time to make the final drawing.

David Zuleta aka VIDZUL

I like to take on challenges and work on really difficult projects that will blow your mind away.

On the other hand, I am a DJ in my spare time. Music is an important element of my life as well, I couldn’t imagine living without it.

Big love, Vidzul"

Check out his Instagram and book your next appointment +852 6421 1955

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