We associate certain professions with certain types of clothes. When we think of soldiers, for example, we tend to picture men and women wearing uniforms. The same thing is true for policemen, firemen or any other profession.

Chefs are no different and when we think of them as wearing white jackets and hats
                                     Ocainas chef jacket 

Wearing White in the Kitchen

Though many chefs today wear other colors when they are in the kitchen, white is still their traditional color for their hat and jacket. Why do chefs wear white? Let’s take a look back at history.

The chef’s jacket that we know today became common in the late 19th century through the Legendary French chef Marie-Antoine Carême. He is largely credited with creating the chef’s uniform.
                                      Kahena woman chef jacket

But Why White?

Obviously, wearing white in the kitchen can be a problem. It shows stains a lot easier and, when cooking, stains can be unavoidable. But the white jackets are completely practical.

Though white would show stains more easily than other colors, it also means that the jacket can be bleached. That cannot be done with jackets of different colors because the bleach would ruin the color of the jacket.

White is also a way of showing that the chef is committed to cleanliness.

It is a way of assuring the customers that the food they eat was prepared in the cleanest and therefore the safest way possible. White, also, does not absorb heat, so it offers some protection from the intense heat of cooking.

So, chefs wear white because it looks neater and because it is a lot more practical.

According to Carême, a good chef is a clean chef, one that is able to work without staining their uniform.

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