The Best Hotel Openings in Asia for 2019

When it comes to new and exciting openings, we know exactly what you are looking for!

Harding Boutique Hotel, Sri Lanka

Surrounded by coconut grove, and overlooking the Indian Ocean this newly designed hotel should open his door in Autumn 2019!
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Raffles, Singapore

After long renovation this institution will reopen middle of 2019, and bring again a stunning oasis into Singapore's scene.
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St Régis, Hong Kong

The latest from Marriott group is opening beginning of April 2019. We can’t wait to discover what this amazing team will bring us… Surprises are just around the corner!
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Mandarin Oriental, Beijing

Everyone in China is whispering about this new hotel, it will be one of the most luxurious offer in the city. Last but not least it will be located at a walking distance from the Forbidden City, with spectacular view from their rooftops.   
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Anantara, Vietnam

This new luxury escape will open shortly, it offers a very large selection of adventures: cycling, snorkeling, incredible spa, rice fields tours, and the variety of Vietnamese's food!
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