The Chef Leather Roll

"The Chef Leather Roll" is a brand of high quality leather knife bags made exclusively for Chefs.
The brand was born in 2014, when a father's Chef wanted to make a memorable gift knife bag to his son. He imagined it so resistant and reliable that he would never need to replace it or buy another one in his entire life. 
He made some thorough research to achieve the best design and to know which material will be the best.
While having drinks with his best friend, he realized that cow leather will be the most suitable material. Being both based in the center of Portugal, Leiria and having experience in craftsman vintage horse saddles, they decided to create the first-of-a-kind Chef Leather Roll. 
After a couple of trials, they created the 8 Slots Vintage Knife Bag.
Premium Chef Leather Knives Bag open view with knife and tools | Chef Skills HKThe father couldn’t be more proud, and shipped a unique and beautiful gift to his son who is Chef de Cuisine in Macau.
The son was so happy and excited, he couldn't wait to wear it everyday to work. In a way he's now carrying with him a piece of his father and proudly show the craftsmanship than runs through his veins. 
All the Chefs that were working with him got jealous. They all asked where they could order one of these.

Little by little, this Father & Son team started to see growing a market opportunity.
With the expertise of his son and the dedication of this father, they started to sell the Chef Leather Knives Bags in hotels and restaurants: what an ideal set-up to bring them closer.Best Chef Leather Roll for knives and tools | Chef Skills HK
They realize that creating a brand and adapting to the market needs was a must.
Therefore few other models have been created to provide a better functionality, durability and safety for the Chef's beloved blades.
To push the limit of uniqueness each Chef Leather Knife Bag is engraved with your full name or nickname, it's for you to decide!

Always keeping in mind the tradition and the craftsmanship, The Chef Leather Roll handmade all their Premium Genuine Leather Knife Bags in Portugal.  
As they want the best for their customers and the environment as well, The Chef Leather Roll is using only recycled leather parts from horse saddles, making their production completely sustainable. 
The Chef Leather Roll engraving personalised knives bag for Executive Chefs | Chef Skills HK

A word from his founder: "Chefs... Get your Leather Bag Today!"
Helder Amaral
Founder / International Sales

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