The Tweezers

Why you must have a pair of kitchen tweezers?

Before, tweezers were most known as medical tools. The Surgeons use medical tweezers for various reasons, suturing, cauterizing or removing debris. All these features have one point in common: they all require lot of precision in their performance.
Today, the tweezers are not longer confined to the medical industry but "spill over" to kitchens across the chefs.

Tweezers started to appear in European restaurants in the mid-1990s. They are the western offspring of the kitchen chopsticks, which have been used to assemble plates in Asia for centuries.

This accessory became in the last years the cross-disciplinary tool in a chef’s batterie de cuisine. It is perfect for plating, assembling and tasting. You can push plating boundaries with scale and texture. Tweezers allow you to finalize your dishes with seemingly impossible touches.
Many chefs wouldn’t not have been able to create some dishes without tweezers assistance. They give an extraordinary control over the look of the dishes but also over the way a dish taste. You can put all the ingredients exactly where you want them with a surgical precision.

Another of its qualities, it is easy to carry. Most of them are kept into the chef’s jacket pocket so as they are never far, they are always used.

If you are not already addicted to this small incredible tool, you will start to be soon.

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