Australia is burning, being ravaged by the worst bush fire season the country has seen in decades.

Dozens of fires erupted in New South Wales, Australia in November and rapidly spread across the entire continent to become some of the most devastating on record. An area about twice the size of Belgium, roughly 15 million acres, has burned.

KANGAROO runs in the middle of bush fire australia chef skills hk
New South Wales has suffered the worst. Nearly half a billion animals, including mammals, birds, and reptiles, likely lost their lives in the blazes in New South Wales alone — a staggering loss, which is probably an underestimate, according to the University of Sydney. Eight thousand koalas, a third of all the koalas in New South Wales, perished. About 30 percent of the koalas’ habitat has also been wiped out. The continent is home to 244 species, including the koala, that are not found anywhere else.

To show our concern and support with Australia, Chef Skills HK will be donating 10% to the total amount of your spending at WWF Australia in order to help them to rescue and restore wildlife home when the fires clear.

Donation collection procedure CHEF SKILLS HK to WWF Australia

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