Legend, jewel, masterpiece… These are just some of the words that are being used to describe Molteni by the professionals including Michelin-starred chefs such as Yannick Alléno, Paul Pairet and Alain Ducasse.

To give you a rough idea, It takes around twenty workers, five hundred hours to build each cooker, which can measure up to 5ft long and 2ft wide.

In business since 1923, Molteni makes, on average, between 100 and 120 ranges annually. The production is made by artisans in a small workshop in Saint-Vallier in the south of France.
Lebua Bangkok, Helmed by Vincent Thierry, Bangkok’s First Resident 3-Michelin-Star Chef With a Stunning Molteni Stove In The Center of The Restaurant.Chef's Table Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand.

Tailor-made and hand-crafted for every chef eager to create their own unique story, Molteni stoves can be personalized to meet your exact needs with no compromise. Whether the desire is for a unique look, optimized workflow or a status symbol which stands out from the crowd, you can rest assured that your Molteni will be the perfect fit for your kitchen.
"Molteni is the most esteemed & luxurious brand you can get. It is like having a Rolls Royce in the hands. On the other part, Molteni is a brand from my opinion which represents the heritage of Haute Gastronomy in the world. It is no coincidence if many renowned restaurants and famous chefs have chosen Molteni in their kitchens, ultimate symbol of excellence" - Olivier Elzer, Culinary Director at L'envol*, St Regis, Hong Kong.
No two Molteni stoves are the same, and there are no limits on size and features.
 Molteni Is The Leading Name In Custom- Crafted Premium Stoves For Professionals Chefs.Uilliam's Restaurant, Moscow, Russia
Each one is studied and designed together with the chef who will use it, thus reflecting the chef’s personal tastes and preferences. Each project begins like a conversation between friends, a useful exchange of ideas where the chef brings all his desires and expertise into focus. The designers then draft a design, which is brought to life by the expert hands of highly skilled craftsman.
Culinary creativity with Molteni is a uniquely satisfying experience.
This ultimate custom-crafted premium stove will cost you from 20,000US$ to 500,000US$.
“The relationship I have with my Molteni is we are a STAGE that brings acoustic senses to your ears, emotional rhythm to your palate & graceful notes to your well-being. We are the orchestra to your wisdom.”- Edward Voon, Chef at Le Pan Hong Kong.

Écriture Restaurant Michelin 2-Starred Kitchen Hong Kong get a Molteni Stove in the center of the kitchenEcriture Restaurant**, Central, Hong Kong

"Cooking on a Molteni stove, is not something I get to do everyday, but given this opportunity a few times has been such an amazing experience for me. I know that I am not only giving my clients amazing ingredients but their food is being cooked on a high quality stove. Since each stove is crafted according to the chef’s preferences, the Molteni stove I dream to have one day is a huge part of my inspiration to continue to reach ultimate success personally and professionally."- Alon Ezra CEO of Folklore Culinary, Miami, US.
By Chefskillshk Team,

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