Tailor-made Premium Chef coat

Bored with everything you’ve seen before, here your imagination is your own limit!

We understand the needs of the modern Chef, if you want a different design, or the perfect fit, the Tailor-made Jacket is the solution.
Tailor-made chef jacket chef clothing Chef Skills HKOur master tailors are lovingly crafted all our jackets. The workshop is located in the heart of Hong Kong Island, where we are proud to participate in the preservation of this traditional craftsmanship.

We hand-picked fabrics from thousands of choices. We use a high-end Italian made fabric, which is composed by 50% cotton and 50% polyester. With this blend your jacket will resist to Industrial laundry, and is crease-resistant
You will always look elegant and smart. 

The jacket will be made based on your body measurements, and following the design you choose.
If you need some help our Designer Team is happy to assist you, please contact info@chefskillshk.com.

Your own Tailor-Made Jacket costs 150US$.
How to take your body measurements?
Follow our step by step guide, and send us your form so we can start right away.

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